Visits With Local Community Members

A Report from NAAF President Susan Warmack

Selina and I presented in Pia Oik on Monday, October 17 and received overwhelming support. The community members thanked us over and over for everything NAAF does for the betterment of the District and Community members. The two Community Council reps also spoke out in support of NAAF. That seems to be the unanimous feedback received from each of the three communities.


As is the custom of feeding guests, the mothers brought dishes of food to share to the meeting last night. When our presentation was complete, they made sure to honor us with this meal, giving us the best they had to offer. We received the gift and the blessing they were bestowing upon us.


These mothers desperately want their children educated. The government has a program to reach “home based” children. However, because this village is so remote, they were removed from the service. Selina and Susan will be taking NAAF’s home-based learning booklets to this community so someone can work with the children.


Wednesday night, Selina and Susan present in Gu Vo Community and have invited the community to Susan’s house. The Council distributed a flyer to every house and arranged for transportation, so we are now expecting a crowd. Everyone is so excited! Selina, Lillian, and I are pulling everything out of our refrigerators to put together enough to feed everyone! I have two heads of cabbage and am making cabbage soup. Lillian has a bag of beans and is cooking them. Eva called when she heard about it and is coming over to help and offered to bring something.


I thought we would meet on my back patio. Then we realized it will be dark. So, now we are pulling out all of our kerosene lanterns!  I always knew there was a reason I saved my grandfather’s lantern!

Photo of playground in Pia Oik by Susan Warmack


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